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Decentralization is one of the seven layers in Metaverse. Decentralized apps are growing fast, but project teams have encountered various challenges and barriers. This talk presents DappOps as a holistic discipline that combines principles, patterns, cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to increase an organization’s ability to deliver decentralized applications and services at high velocity. We discuss 16 building blocks in DappOps, along with the individual elements in each category. Further we walk through the DappOps Toolkit with some representative artifacts, such as reference architecture and tech stack. To illustrate how to effectively apply DappOps in real-world implementations, a case study is presented, with details of selected frameworks, languages, libraries, environments, and tools. In addition, we drill down to the cross-disciplinary best practices to help accelerate Dapp projects. The trends and outlook are articulated as well.


Tony Shan is a renowned thought leader and technology visionary with decades of experience and guru-level knowledge on emerging technologies for pragmatic enterprise computing. He has directed and led the lifecycle design of complex distributed systems on diverse platforms in Fortune 50 companies and big public-sector organizations. He drove innovations with insightful consulting and advisory to large-scale high-profile projects that won many rewards. He authored dozens of top-notch publications and over 10 books on next-generation technologies. He wrote multiple entries on architecture and methodology to IT encyclopedias. He is a regular keynote speaker and Chair/Moderator/Advisor/Organizing Committee in preeminent conferences, an editor/editorial advisory board member of IT research journals/books, and a founder of several user groups and forums. In particular, he is a world leading authority in the Big Data and Cloud space, delivering scores of presentations, panels and workshops in various industry events and serving general chair in international conferences.