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WebXR for Virtual Events


Organizations have turned to online events since the start of the pandemic to keep things going. WebXR is an excellent alternative to 2d video platforms for online and hybrid events. We began exploring platform solutions in April 2020 and have produced VOD, XR and hybrid events for our festival since Dec 2020.
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Understand the usefulness of webXR as a VR events platform and the future of hybrid events.


Founder and Executive Director of Animation Nights New York and co-owner of the UK/US based animation news site & podcast, Animation for Adults. Background in narrative/figurative painting & drawing, character animation, and website development. Since 2016, curator of Film, VR, and Games for Animation Nights New York and involved in development and production of the ANNY Virtual Events Space platform. Frequent Panelist, Guest Lecturer, Program Curator, and Event Producer.