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Using Digital Twins in the Metaverse for Virtual Coaching of Technique in Health and Sports


A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world subject. In the wellness industry, as in sports and fitness, individuals have a need to learn and improve their technique for a variety of movements. This can include diverse scenarios such as correcting flaws in gait, performing physical rehab (Frenkel exercises) or serving a tennis ball. Using inertial sensors or camera-based pose estimation, it is possible to capture and analyze the motion of subjects with high accuracy. This can then be mapped to digital twins (avatars) in the Metaverse to demonstrate flaws in technique tothe subjects, with precise visual recommendations on how to improve. This presentation will cover the digital twin (Metaverse) technologies involved in demonstrating the flaws in technique to the subjects along with how to improve, and the AI and inertial sensing technologies involved in collecting and analyzing the movements.


Vijay Nadkarni is Chief Technology Officer of Movella. He is responsible for Movella’s technology strategy advancement and the alignment of the company’s business goals and strategic plan with its technological vision and roadmap. This involves embracing four key areas, namely AI, SaaS, motion analytics and computer vision. Vijay has over 25 years in technology leadership and management across a wide range of industries. Prior to Movella, he served as VP of Artificial Intelligence at Tech Mahindra where he headed its AI Practice across 10 diverse verticals. Before that, Vijay was VP of Artificial Intelligence at Visteon with ownership of AI across its product lines, notably autonomous driving and infotainment. A veteran of Silicon Valley, Vijay has co-founded multiple startups in AI, motion-analytics and cloud among which Veraz Networks - a VoIP company - had a NASDAQ IPO. Vijay has an MBA and MSEE, both from Northwestern University, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Bombay. In his spare time, Vijay enjoys biking and is an avid AI hobbyist who loves writing code for challenging projects.