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Envisaging the Future of Connected Healthcare


The talk will shed light on the basic components of connected Healthcare supported by emerging technologies, with a precise and genuine understanding of the future technologies and best practices for implementation within the healthcare industry. It is of vital importance to value Digital Health as it is a promise for a future where machine intelligence works hand in hand with human skills, rather than replacing them.
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Healthcare experts and enthusiasts
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A celebrated pioneer in Extended Reality (XR) and Ai in Healthcare, Dr. Sana Farid has been named one of the top 100 voices in XR worldwide. She pioneered the establishment of Immersive Technology-based programs for pediatrics, the critically ill, and special needs. When she's not pushing the boundaries of innovation as a surgeon, educator, and author, Dr. Sana is making waves in the field of immersive technologies. She's one of those rare folks who can talk future and technology while also being a master of empathy and compassion. Dr. Sana is always prepared to dazzle and delight you with creative insights.