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AI transforms the AR/VR/MR experience


In this session, we will introduce the audience to the buzz around AR/VR/MR, and then dive into how AI can be used within the domain.
People should attend this session if they are interested in any of the following topics:
•            Would like to learn about AR/VR/MR and the common use cases around us.
•            Get an overview of AI and how it is can be used to enhance the AR/VR/MR experience.


Jaya Mathew is an experienced Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning practitioner with over 15 years of industry experience across multiple geographies. Her work focuses on the deployment of AI and ML solutions to solve real business problems for customers in multiple domains. Prior to joining Microsoft, she has worked with Nokia and Hewlett-Packard on various analytics and machine learning use cases. She holds an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Mathematics and Statistics respectively.