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Future of AI in Gaming & Metaverse


In this session, we will discuss all the break through research work happening in AI that will power up the gaming experience in the Metaverse. These technologies will include NeRF, 3D GANs, Spatial Computing breakthroughs. 


Hina Dixit is a Software Engineering Leader with 12+ years of experience in Software Engineering. Hina currently drives all investments in the field of AI at SamsungNext. Hina led a team at Apple for 8 years with a focus on multiple projects varying from Security, iCloud, Artificial Intelligence, Developer Tools & Data Integrity. From managing a team of seasoned developers to being responsible for bringing up & architecting projects along with the delegation and holding status meetings, Hina was directly responsible for unblocking individuals and finding resources throughout the company to direct the team to succeed. With her experience at Apple as an expert in AI, App Development, Backend & Cloud, she has led various cross-organization projects.