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Impact of 5G Technology on Metaverse


5G technology will unlock new applications in the Metaverse due to low latency and higher speeds. 5G technology is now being tested or adopted in over 100 countries globally. This presentation will explore the benefits of 5G and it’s significance for Metaverse. 


Harish Srigiriraju is a Principal Engineer at Verizon and serves as the head of Analytics & Data Science for Verizon Cloud by managing a team of designers, data analysts and data scientists. He leads technology implementation and feature development for Verizon Cloud, one of the biggest products for Verizon. He has expertise in leveraging advanced analytics, data systems and machine learning to improve software products. Harish has led several cross-functional projects to draw insights on user behavior with help of various analytics tools and models. He leads the innovation group at Verizon to come up with new product and feature ideas. He has also won multiple awards at Verizon for his contribution to the Verizon Cloud product. He has prior experience in software programming and graduated from Kellogg School of Management, one of the top business schools in the world. Memberships: Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, All India Council of Robotics & Automation, Analytics Leaders Network, 3AI, Cloud Computing Association, etc. Jury: AICRA IndiaFirst Tech Startup, Voice Tech Summit India, Asia and America, Cybersecurity and IT Awards by Globee, WEFT Startup Pitch, American Business Awards and US Customer Experience Awards. Media Presence: Featured in Outlook India as part of their spotlight section highlighting his achievements in product management. ( Speaking engagements: Testing Automation, Micro-services, Internet 2.0, AI conference by 3AI Awards: Recognized as a Technology Leader by Internet 2.0 event at Las Vegas, USA