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Role of Playable Styling & Immersive Storytelling in Phygital Commerce


Apparel brands can experientially engage their Millennial & GenZ consumers in a fun game-like interface by unlocking the stylist in all. This empowers consumers of apparel brands to mix and match style on themselves in immersive backgrounds. Consumers can own digital twins of apparel they can own IRL or customize digital clothing to level up their virtual presence. This coexistence of Phygital presence blends the confluence of digital and physical apparel and ownership. Brands can unleash the power of immersive storytelling by enabling their consumers to wear digital clothing for online meets in 2D & 3D environments. Consumers co create digital activation campaigns as they share immersive stories to their social AR and save 3d animated content as virtual influencers of the brand.
Who is this presentation for?
Chief Metaverse Officer Chief Digital Officer Digital Strategy
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic web2 ecommerce Digital Marketing
What you'll learn?
Web3 Strategies Metaverse Brand Activation


Aditya’s mission to blend the confluence of Playable commerce & Immersive Storytelling by draping your favorite apparel onto your digital self. He believes styling yourself with brands you love enhances the online shopping experience while creating digital versions of yourself for the metaverse. Presenting YOLOgram - YOUR Hologram: a fun styling game. Style yourself with your favorite brands & create playful content for social media. YOLOgram aims to augment playable 3d commerce on yourself and create playful social content. Aditya believes fun styling with D2A (Direct-to-Avatar) will replace scrolling to shop & his vision of digital fashion rests on the convergence of 3D fashion and digital humans immersed across spatial realities. D2A enables 3D digital pioneers and virtual influencers in fashion to achieve sustainable goals across the both the production value chain as well as consumer engagement paradigms.