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From Code to No Code - my whirlwind journey to becoming a No Code fan


In a world where you can get caught up in the idea of being a rockstar developer, it's easy to forget to focus on creating solutions to real world problems. In my 9 months at Microsoft as a Cloud Advocate, I've had the chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday development and get back to the point of what we're all trying to do here in the land of tech: building good stuff better. Tech is the tool we use to create change, and I've decided to stop letting the tool use me. Join me for a smorgasbord of Microsoft products, from Power Apps & Power Pages, to Azure Machine Learning studio, that have convinced me that less code is more!
Who is this presentation for?
Software developers, beginner low code/no code creators


Renee Noble is a Regional Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, delivering technical upskilling and community experiences in person and online for the Australian and New Zealand region. Joining Microsoft from a career in data science and web development, she spends her time learning and teaching the latest in cloud computing offerings, including dabbling with Low Code/No Code products. Renee is also a key player in the Australian women in tech and education scenes, directing Tech Inclusion, a charity most well known for the nation spanning Girls’ Programming Network, and also runs her own business ConnectEd Code, creating exciting tech education opportunities for schools. For her work in bringing tech, education, and community together she has gathered numerous accolades, including being listed on the Australian Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence, being named ICT Leader of the Year by ICT Educators NSW, and featured in Women’s Weekly and CREATE magazines.