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Power platform Admin in under an hour - An Espresso Shot of Power Platform admin and the CoE Starter Kit


Power Platform Administrative guidance started with how best to manage with the interface and in just a few months has evolved to where tools such as the Center of Excellence Starter kit are now table stakes or required for any serious organization. Get a quick dose of best practices for Power Platform administration and some key tips for setting up and using the CoE Starter Kit or you can book that Admin in a Day offering that is out there


Ralph is a seasoned professional with experience delivering quality software and solutions going back to the 90s. Currently, co-hosts the online (light) blue collar video blog/podcast, co-leads the Chicago Microsoft Power Platform User Group and is one of the main event organizers for in addition to being a speaker in other virtual conferences and user groups. He has been an aficionado of Microsoft products going back to the first versions of Windows and Excel the original Low Code Platform which complements his MS MVP status for Business Applications and the Power Platform in particular.