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Enable Enterprise Citizen Development with Low Code No Code


What are the key considerations for selecting the right low code no code solutions to enable citizen development while ensuring alignment with IT and strong governance? In this session, we will differentiate between legacy low code no code offerings that deliver digital optimization vs. modern low code no code solutions that accelerate digital transformation with citizen development by reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce. We will also examine case studies that showcase how a small number of leading enterprises are already leveraging modern low code no code solutions and winning the digital transformation race through sustained and well-governed citizen development.
Who is this presentation for?
CIO, Director or VP of Applications, Enterprise Architects, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Digital Office, other Business and IT leaderships
Prerequisite knowledge:
The general concept of the application development lifecycle
What you'll learn?
At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to: Learn 3 must-have characteristics to look for in modern low code no code solutions that are essential to enable enterprise citizen development. Learn how enterprise citizen development can accelerate digital transformation and enhance organizational agility and resilience.


Throughout his career, Mr. Shiah has devoted his energy to redefining the software-development paradigm and democratizing process automation and application development. Mr. Shiah’s aspiration is to help organizations of any size achieve process excellence and accelerate digital transformation through enabling citizen development that also promotes equality and diversity. Mr. Shiah pioneered the low-code/no-code innovation in 2003. In 2009, Mr. Shiah established AgilePoint in Silicon Valley to deliver rapid and disruptive digital advantages through combining process and low-code/no-code technologies to bridge the business and IT divide. Mr. Shiah has worked with organizations ranging from startups, SMBs to Fortune 50s to accelerate their digital innovation and citizen development initiatives. Mr. Shiah has been a frequent speaker at various high-tech conferences, where he continues to evangelize his vision.