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Low-Code Capabilities of Digital Product Design Platforms


Low-Code and No-Code solutions have revolutionized the app making process by simplifying the way digital product teams can accelerate app delivery. In this talk, you will learn now digital product design platforms that include low-code tools will accelerate your time to market and how each different design tool can support accelerating app developer handoff to improve workflow in digital product teams.
Join us and you will learn about:
- What are Digital Product Design Platforms
- Comparing the Design tools in the market today
- How Enterprises can solve problems with design to developer handoff with these tools
- Using Low-Code drag & drop WSIWYIG tools
- Design to Code features for digital product teams
Who is this presentation for?
Design leaders, development leaders or digital product teams that are exploring how to improve their design process and design to developer handoff.
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
You'll leave with an understanding of design and developer tools on the market today that can accelerate app delivery.


As the Sr. VP of Developer Tools at Infragistics, Jason and his team spearhead the customer-driven, innovative features and functionality throughout all of Infragistics' developer focused tools, UX tools and business solutions. Jason is the author of 10 books on software development, covering topics like SQL Server, C++, C#, Rich Client and Web Development. Jason is a national and international conference speaker, is very active in the user experience and developer community.