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Embracing Nocode/Lowcode to break down the barriers to innovation


What can organisations expect from nocode/lowcode platforms? What can they be used for, and what are their advantages over traditional coding? You will hear from real life use cases from construction, engineering and pharma industries.
Who is this presentation for?
IT leaders, citizen developers, IT teams, project managers, project teams, process optimisation teams, anyone interested to hear about how nocode can help accelerate and simplify delivery of digital business processes and solutions.


Derya Sousa is the COO and co-founder of Kianda, an award-winning enterprise no-code application development platform for business process automation. Kianda empowers people with or without programming skills to create the technology they need to simplify and accelerate digital innovation in business. It entirely speeds up delivery of digital solutions and breaks down barriers to achieving successful digital transformation. As an IT consultant with experience of almost two decades, on enterprise application UI/UX, upon co-founding Kianda in 2016 Derya has applied her strong UX skills to creating no-code enterprise process automation that is intuitive and adapts to modern UI/UX enterprise requirements.