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 How to Grow and Scale a SaaS or Mobile App with APIs and App Integrations


1) Learn to build and grow on day one with zero to low code.

2) Understand how to leverage APIs to gain more options, data, and creative growth hacks and experiments.

3) Know how to use data and real-time performance benchmarks to optimize your growth.


Carol Tran is a growth executive, 3x entrepreneur, and a change agent for suboptimal business conditions. She partners with company leadership, acting as a guide to reveal inefficiencies and grow the business using limited resources. Her growth hacking combines tactics and theory, examining the business holistically. She uses historical data to build a growth engine, using repeatable, scalable processes to understand user behavior, translate findings with product visionaries, and implement marketing automation to find and nurture leads, close more deals, and maximize ROI. She has worked and advised a wide-range of businesses across several industries. They range from legacy companies (Dolby, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, Nordstrom) and startups that have grown into big names (Zenni Optical). This provided her the leverage to be industry agnostic and do what is necessary to grow customers and revenue. To learn more about hacks and tips on growth hacking, you can connect with her at