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A Multi-Layered Approach to Generative AI Technology


The rapid evolution of Generative AI (GenAI) technology has sparked revolutionary advancements across industries, yet it is not without its challenges. In this talk, we introduce the innovative Cone Model, a novel and versatile framework that categorizes and synergizes GenAI technologies. Like the layers of a cone, this model comprises multiple interconnected layers, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the generative process. At the apex lies the Algorithm layer, where cutting-edge algorithms such as GANs are harnessed to fuel creativity and generate realistic content. Descending to the Foundation Model layer, we explore the fundamental knowledge base that leverages pre-trained models, enabling rapid development and transfer learning. The Domain Engine layer takes center stage, offering tailored solutions for specific functional domains, from search and CRM to call center and beyond. Extending downward, the Application layer showcases the real-world impact of the Cone Model, with compelling use cases spanning diverse industries. Finally, the Interface layer at the bottom serves as a user-friendly gateway, simplifying interactions with the enterprise applications and facilitating seamless integration into various projects. We will share insights of best practices and lessons learned from real-life initiatives, empowering project teams to harness the full potential of this robust and adaptable Cone Model and accelerate implementations in their respective domains.


Anthony Shan is a renowned thought leader and visionary in the field of enterprise computing technologies, boasting several decades of industry project experience. His profound insights and pragmatic guidance are instrumental in directing digital transformations and driving impactful advancements in the ultrascale technological landscape across diverse platforms within Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations. With guru-level expertise, Anthony spearheads the incubation and cultivation of interdisciplinary practices, empowering firms to embrace and harness the power of cutting-edge innovative solutions. A regular speaker/chairperson at preeminent conferences and book author, Anthony's contributions transcend speaking engagements, as he also serves as a distinguished judge and advisor in prominent IT contests.