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From Data to Decisions: Artificial Intelligence in FinTech ecosystem.


As Fintech continues to evolve, integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within business systems architecture has emerged as a transformative force. We will explore the advancements and implications of AI-powered business systems architecture in Financial Markets Technology and how AI-driven architectures optimize decision-making processes and enable data-driven strategies. The significance of AI-powered business systems architecture lies in its ability to drive competitive advantage and innovation in the financial markets.



Surendra Reddy Challapalli is a seasoned technology professional, Banking & Financial Markets Subject Matter Expert (SME), and a thought leader with a proven track record of developing cutting-edge B2B FinTech applications to promote financial markets' efficiency and transparency. With over 16 years of professional experience, Surendra has collaborated with multinational financial institutions worldwide, providing him with a comprehensive global perspective and unparalleled insight into the intricate inner workings of the FinTech industry. In addition to his role as Vice President, where he delivers multimillion-dollar engagements at a leading financial institution in North America, he is highly regarded as a mentor, author, speaker, and jury panel member for industry awards.