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Responsible Generative AI - How to build responsible systems while leveraging Generative AI capabilities


Enforcing Responsible AI practices is one of the most cited developments in developing and deploying AI solutions. Building responsible AI systems is centered around the principles of fairness, reliability & safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability. The advent of Generative AI frameworks/ services such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and LLaMA have made developing code/ content easier than ever. However, they also compound the challenge of adhering to Responsible AI practices. The challenges include training bias, accuracy, copyright infringements, rogue behavior, and more. This talk provides examples of such challenges through sample applications developed through Generative AI frameworks and provides suggestions to mitigate such challenges.

Who is this presentation for?
Generative AI Application Developers; CxO

Prerequisite knowledge:
Introduction to Generative AI; Responsible AI

What you'll learn?
How to build responsible systems while leveraging Generative AI capabilities


Sriram Subramanian is the global domain lead for Data and AI within FastTrack for Azure. Most recently, he led AI/ ML research at IDC, a premier market research firm. Prior to joining IDC, Sriram was the founder and principal analyst at CloudDon, an independent market research, and advisory services firm, where his research focused on advising vendors and buyers in cloud native technologies and stacks. Sriram has also held various positions of increasing responsibilities at various companies including Intel and a few startups. He recently finished his MA in Sanskrit and is working towards his part-time Ph.D. in Hindu Studies. He is also a certified Yoga instructor spending his non-work time playing cricket/ spending time outdoors with his kids.