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GenAI Driven Customer Excellence


In a world where businesses are striving to deliver personalized and frictionless experiences, how do we use AI to better understand and communicate with customers? This presentation explores how generative AI and conversational intelligence platforms, such as ChatGPT, are revolutionizing customer interactions and transforming traditional call centers into efficient cognitive contact centers. We delve into real-world applications and the future potential of these technologies, assessing how they navigate the vast ocean of Big Data and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
Who is this presentation for?
This session is tailored for AI enthusiasts, data scientists, product managers, customer service managers, and business leaders looking to understand and implement AI-based customer interaction solutions. It also serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and startups looking to innovate in the AI space.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Familiarity with basic concepts of AI, Conversational AI, and Big Data is advantageous, but not mandatory, as the talk will accommodate various levels of expertise.
What you'll learn?
Understand the practical implications and benefits of integrating generative AI and conversational intelligence platforms in customer-facing services. Insights on the transformation of traditional call centers into cognitive contact centers and their role in enhancing customer experience. Case studies and best practices from successful implementations. Strategic planning for AI and Big Data integration in your business. Glimpse into the future of AI-driven customer interactions.


Santiago Santa María Morales is an accomplished global executive specializing in technological transformation and innovation. As the Product Director at NTT DATA Europe & Latam, Santiago's primary focus lies in leveraging Conversational Artificial Intelligence powered by Generative AI. This involves deploying platforms like Azure LLM Open AI ChatGPT and GPT-4, managing NTT DATA's enterprise conversational AI platform 'eva', and cultivating strategic tech partnerships. He is devoted to transforming traditional call centers into efficient cognitive contact centers and enhancing customer interaction to deliver exceptional experiences. Santiago's leadership spans several roles within NTT DATA, having served as the Head of Cognitive AI & Virtual Agents, as well as the Head of Virtual Agents in the American region. Here, he honed his skills in product management for social robotics and conversational AI, assembled high-performance teams, and expanded the reach of NTT DATA's AI initiatives. Before joining NTT DATA, Santiago worked as a Senior Manager - Digital Technology in Madrid, Spain, driving digital transformation projects with emerging technologies such as mobiles, wearables, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and big data analytics. Starting his career as a Software Engineer at Accenture in Mexico City, Santiago built a solid foundation in system integration and ERP development. He later spent nine years at Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento S.L., contributing significantly to product management and innovation for eCommerce, mCommerce, and payments. With a passion for improving users' lives through technology, Santiago continuously pushes for business disruption through innovation, influencing the future of AI-driven customer experience and business communication.