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Keynote Panel: Advancement in Recommendation Systems


In today's digital age, recommendation systems have become an integral part of our daily lives, influencing our choices in music, movies, shopping, and even our social interactions. As technology evolves, so do the algorithms and methodologies behind these systems. Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where leading experts in the field will delve into the latest advancements in recommendation systems.
Key Discussion Points
1. Current Trends: Exploring the latest methodologies and algorithms driving today's recommendation engines.
2. Ethical Considerations: The balance between personalization and privacy. How much is too much?
3. Challenges and Limitations: Addressing the current challenges recommendation systems face and potential solutions.
4. The Future of Recommendations: Predictions and insights into what the next decade holds for recommendation technology.

Who is this presentation for?
AI researchers
Prerequisite knowledge:
Concepts of AI
What you'll learn?
Trying to know the other use cases everyone is trying to achieve with AI


Sai Teja Makani I am a seasoned professional with a diverse background encompassing technology, business, and blockchain. Holding a dual Master's degree in Computer Science and Global Business & Blockchain Technology, I have honed a comprehensive skill set that bridges the gap between innovation and strategic growth. Currently, I serve as the Senior Manager of DevOps at Spotter Inc, where I lead the Information Technology and Cyber Security division. My role involves orchestrating the infrastructure and cyber security strategies, ensuring a seamless and secure technological ecosystem. With a meticulous approach to enhancing operational efficiency, I am dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge practices to drive excellence in these critical areas. My professional journey boasts significant accomplishments across renowned organizations. During my tenure at Infosys, I spearheaded a large-scale DevOps migration initiative, successfully transitioning numerous applications to advanced cloud-based infrastructures. My tenure at Google within the Developer Relations division allowed me to contribute to developers' success by facilitating their utilization of Google Ads API to craft superior products. Furthermore, my engagement at ADP's R&D division involved modernizing their Tax Engine to align with prevailing federal regulations. Complementing my practical experiences are notable academic achievements. I recently completed a Palo Alto Prisma access course, fortifying my expertise in enterprise-level network security. Additionally, I hold esteemed certifications, including AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate, Certified Blockchain Developer from the Blockchain Council, and recognition for proficiency in Google Ads API. As an advocate for continuous learning and innovation, I remain committed to propelling organizations forward by synergizing technology, business, and security to architect resilient, growth-oriented solutions.