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The Next Wave of Innovation: How Generative AI Will Transform Business


The rapid evolution of generative artificial intelligence represents the next major wave of technological innovation. In this visionary talk, AI expert Ritesh Vajariya will unveil how generative models from Open AI, Anthropic and Amazon will fundamentally transform business and society. Drawing on cutting-edge research and exclusive insights, Ritesh will take the audience on an illuminating journey into the possibilities unlocked by creative AI systems. He will explore pioneering generative applications in areas from drug discovery to automotive design, as well as the $15.7 trillion economic potential forecasted by 2030. With his signature blend of technical depth and vibrant storytelling, Ritesh will demystify concepts like deep learning, adversarial networks, and reinforcement learning for business leaders. He will share inspiring use cases of generative AI in action across industries today and decode how these emergent technologies work. Audiences will leave Ritesh’s session invigorated with a crystal-clear understanding of the transformative power of generative AI and an actionable roadmap to leverage it for business growth. The future is creative.

Who is this presentation for?
Business Leaders, Technology Leaders, Anyone who wants to learn the transformative power of Generative AI and how it's used in real life.

Prerequisite knowledge:
Open mind

What you'll learn?
You will learn on fundamentals of Generative AI, how multiple use cases across industries are solved using Generative AI and what kind of efficiency gains are being achieved using Generative AI.


Ritesh Vajariya is an acclaimed technologist and thought leader in the field of generative AI. As a Principal Machine Learning Specialist at AWS, he empowers customers worldwide to shape and execute their generative AI strategies. A sought-after speaker, Ritesh regularly shares his thought leadership on generative AI and cloud computing with audiences globally. His presentations provide technology executives with actionable insights on transforming their business models using cutting-edge AI capabilities. Prior to joining AWS, Ritesh served as Senior Director at Bloomberg, leading engineering teams that built foundational data and machine learning platforms.