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Keynote Panel: Advancement in Recommendation Systems


In today's digital age, recommendation systems have become an integral part of our daily lives, influencing our choices in music, movies, shopping, and even our social interactions. As technology evolves, so do the algorithms and methodologies behind these systems. Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where leading experts in the field will delve into the latest advancements in recommendation systems.
Key Discussion Points
1. Current Trends: Exploring the latest methodologies and algorithms driving today's recommendation engines.
2. Ethical Considerations: The balance between personalization and privacy. How much is too much?
3. Challenges and Limitations: Addressing the current challenges recommendation systems face and potential solutions.
4. The Future of Recommendations: Predictions and insights into what the next decade holds for recommendation technology.



An esteemed Data Scientist deeply rooted in Computer Science and AI, he stands at the forefront of cutting-edge analytics solutions, having transformed Fortune 100 companies with his innovations in forecasting, gaming and media analytics and now spearheading projects in generative AI. He has worked alongside researchers from both UIC and the University of Chicago building upon a solid foundation from BITS, Pilani in Computer Science. He has been recognized for his prowess and innovative mindset that led to a win at the SAP Info Day, directly influencing the incubation of SAP Ganges in Retail, valued at $400M. With a rich tapestry of achievements in data science, AI, and recommendation systems, he envisions a bright future for the community with limitless possibilities of AI.