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How generative AI can become part of the next generation of chatbots


Scripted chatbots are powerful but limited, generative AI can open up an even more powerful and human experience.
Who is this presentation for?
Service teams members focused on technology
Prerequisite knowledge:
Some knowledge of chat bot technology
What you'll learn?
How chatbots have evolved to date and what the next iteration may be like.


Mike Hales is a product manager and digital specialist with experience in product ownership, channel management, UX, and content strategy. Mike is known for delivering quality products and services in the UK, US, and New Zealand. Mike is skilled in digital product management and strategy, user experience design, and co-creation, agile, scrum, and Kanban practitioner, IC certified product owner, trusted and respected people manager, among others. He is currently working at BT as a digital product owner for Conversational AI.