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From heartless clicks to personal chefs. How AI will revolutionise food delivery apps.


Integrating ChatGPT into a food delivery app revolutionises the user experience by offering seamless interactions and personalized services. Users can effortlessly browse menus, customize orders, ask for dietary restrictions, and receive real-time recommendations through natural language conversations.
This integration also empowers businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling menu optimization, personalized marketing, and streamlined customer support.
By leveraging ChatGPT, food delivery apps will maximise customer satisfaction, loyalty, and drive business growth in a (very) competitive market.


Michalis has 10+ years of accumulated knowledge working as a BI & Analytics professional and mentor in 9 different roles, across 7 different industries. He has designed and developed analytical solutions in a wide variety of businesses, ranging from the banking sector to airlines and from retailers to hotels and various tech companies.