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AI's Enigma- Probabilistic Realities, More Human Job Scare, Culture Consuming Strategy


"Wait, did I hear that right?" Yes, you did! In my talk, I'll explore how AI culture isn't just nibbling, but consuming your AI strategy - for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Does that mean trouble? Not if you're prepared! I'll introduce you to our 'Organizational Maturity Model' that aims to prepare your organization to tackle the challenges and harness the benefits of AI - culture, strategies, skills, ethics, and more.
Wondering what comes next after your team becomes AI-ready? We'll delve into exciting enterprise use-cases for generative AI. But it's not all smooth sailing. We'll also be discussing the challenges - AI's insatiable appetite for energy, water, and data. So, how do we navigate these waters? The answer lies in 'AI and More Human Literacy'. The future of AI isn't simply black or white - it's a kaleidoscope of possibilities. During my talk, I'll invite you to embrace the uncertainties and to join the 'We-Don't-Know-Jack-About-AI-Future Club'. And the best part? While AI handles the heavy lifting, we'll be discussing the important of doubling down on our invaluable human skills - empathy, creativity, and storytelling.


Dr Manish Mehta is an innovator in human-centered AI with over 20 years experience pioneering first-of-their-kind systems that integrate technology, business, and human needs. He is a thought leader in people-first AI writing at
Manish spearheaded groundbreaking AI innovations including next-gen conversational AI for Disney's Turtle Talk with Crush, AI storytelling enhancing Disney’s iconic Pirates of the Caribbean, an AI voice assistant for construction workers, and AI/robotics systems for manufacturing plants. His work also includes AI cultural and strategies for various multinationals, AI museum exhibits bringing history to life through natural conversation, a self-driving engineering degree focused on real-world skills, autonomous mower tech strategy, and conversational agents for customer service.
Featured in major media like USA Today, MSNBC, Washington Post, and Bloomberg, his pioneering work has been presented at the White House.