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Use of ML in highly regulated use cases


International students, DACA, immigrants, and other new Americans represent 13% of the US population and are growing. However, a lack of existing credit history prevents this population from accessing affordable loans. In this case study we’ll share how MPOWER Financing - a large provider of financing to international and DACA students - uses an innovative, forward-looking credit model based on alternative data and new modeling techniques to provide affordable education financing to people with no or limited credit history.

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People working in education or financially-related fields

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Mack Wallace is Senior Director, Head of Financial Products at MPOWER Financing, a leading provider of student financing to international and DACA students. His area of expertise is the use of new methods in data and analytics in highly regulated areas of consumer finance, including credit underwriting. Mr Wallace also serves as an external advisor at both the Aspen Institute and the World Bank where he researches and publishes on the use of data and technology to advance financial inclusion and consumer protection worldwide.