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From Mathematics to AI to LLM’s and Generative AI


Have you ever wondered what level of AI sophistication to use when solving different problems, or achieving goals or outcomes? This session takes you through history and how mathematics have evolved into AI, and where the inflection point came for widespread AI problemsolving. We will also take a quick look into Generative AI and how to secure it and how Citizen Engineering will evolve and bridge the gap between IT and business so that innovation and development can happen where it is closest to the business but under the control and governance of IT


Accomplished leader with broad international experience in successful development and implementation of Data Engineering and Data Science projects in well-known global companies. Kim is a Boardmember at The Norwegian Computer organization for BI and Analytics, who runs one of the largest conferences on Analytics in the Nordics. Kim is also a Subject Matter Expert for Norways Research Council on AI and IoT Project applications for public funding. 
Kim is a thought leader in Data & Analytics and an engaging international speaker on Data Engineering (IoT/BigData/Cloud), Data Science (AI/ML), and Analytics (Predictive & Prescriptive). 
Kim has a Systems Engineer background and have completed an executive mini MBA in Strategy, Finance, Marketing & Leadership and a Master in Sports Coaching