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Keynote Panel : Advancement in Recommendation Systems


In today's digital age, recommendation systems have become an integral part of our daily lives, influencing our choices in music, movies, shopping, and even our social interactions. As technology evolves, so do the algorithms and methodologies behind these systems. Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where leading experts in the field will delve into the latest advancements in recommendation systems.
Who is this presentation for?
Data Scientists, Software Engineers
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basics of recommender systems
What you'll learn?
1. Current Trends: Exploring the latest methodologies and algorithms driving today's recommendation engines. 2. Ethical Considerations: The balance between personalization and privacy. How much is too much? 3. Challenges and Limitations: Addressing the current challenges recommendation systems face and potential solutions. 4. The Future of Recommendations: Predictions and insights into what the next decade holds for recommendation technology.


Deepanshu Lulla is a highly skilled software engineer with a strong background in distributed systems and machine learning. With expertise in designing and maintaining large-scale systems, he excels in developing robust architectures that seamlessly handle high volumes of data and ensure efficient scalability. Deepanshu's proficiency in machine learning enables him to leverage advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to enhance system performance and deliver intelligent solutions. By integrating scalability and security from the outset, he consistently develops high-performing systems that uphold stringent security standards.