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LLM: Challenges, Trends and way forward


In recent years, large language models have emerged as groundbreaking advancements in natural language processing, revolutionizing the way we interact with AI systems. This abstract provides a concise overview of the exciting capabilities and challenges associated with large language models, shedding light on their future challenges associated with them

Prerequisite knowledge:
Transfomers, Deep Learning



Aditya Jain is a trained computational scientist from the University of Texas at Austin and IIT Roorkee. He has experience in deploying large-scale machine learning models at organizations such as Meta Platforms, SparkCognition, and Ola Cabs for billions of users. He loves demystifying the workings of machine learning models and answering the question, “What is model learning?” thus making models more interpretable. Aditya Jain is a technologist at heart with an avid interest in solving society’s biggest problems using deep learning and artificial intelligence. When he is not researching the latest advances in machine learning, he can be found running a marathon, dancing, or scuba diving. Follow his work at