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The Future of AI: Unlocking the Power of Large Language Models


This talk will help you understand and develop large language models (LLMs), which are probability distributions over sequences of tokens that can perform various natural language processing (NLP) tasks. This talk will cover the following topics: The capabilities of LLMs, such as generating fluent text, performing few-shot learning, and achieving state-of-the-art results on various NLP benchmarks. The harms associated with LLMs, such as toxicity, misinformation, privacy risk, social biases, and environmental impact. The modeling aspects of LLMs, such as the architecture, training objective, data selection, and evaluation methods of LLMs. The theory aspects of LLMs, such as the expressiveness, generalization, robustness, and interpretability of LLMs. The ethics aspects of LLMs, such as the ethical principles, frameworks, and guidelines for developing and deploying LLMs. The systems aspects of LLMs, such as the hardware, software, and infrastructure for scaling up LLMs.


Abhinav Kohar is a Head of AI Hubs – Americas at SLB, the world’s leading provider of technology and digital solutions for the energy industry. He leads the AI product portfolio for North America and South America, overseeing the design, development and deployment of innovative AI SaaS products that solve complex business problems and create value for customers. His team works on multiple domains such as computer vision, natural language processing, IoT, edge intelligence, supply chain analytics and prognostics & health management, applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and best practices. Abhinav has a decade of industry experience in building and managing high-performance teams and delivering scalable and robust AI solutions. He has worked in diverse fields such as fintech, Bing Ads, energy and retail, gaining expertise in various aspects of AI such as data engineering, model development, cloud computing, DevOps and product management. Abhinav holds a Master’s in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where he was a Siebel Scholar. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from IIT, where he graduated with President of India Gold Medal.