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AI - The jack of all trades? 


The prevalence and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in technology, products and experiences is not new. AI has been around in many forms and in an ever-evolving state. However, it is only now that we are beginning to see the immense power of AI to manifest itself in use cases that may remain invisible to us all the way to those that touch our mundane lives everyday. The confluence of several factors ranging from compute power-processing-storage, consumer and enterprise adoption as well as realization of clear efficiency and financial benefits is bringing AI to the centerstage again, and on to layman’s dinner table discussion agenda! In this segment, we will focus on showcasing the diversity of use cases of AI across industries while staying focused primarily on fintech and blockchain, and how decision-making, risk management and ROI is impacted by the use of AI. No prerequisites; open to all.

Who is this presentation for?
Open to all.

Prerequisite knowledge:
No prior training and experience required to understand and appreciate the content that will be presented.

What you'll learn?
Diversity of use cases where AI is applicable, with a focus on how, where and why AI is becoming so dominant in financial service and blockchain.


Sumeet is a product and technology leader with deep experience in agile product management, product marketing & go-to-market (GTM) and operations at top global brands across industries (blockchain/web3, fintech, mobile and telecom). He is credited with setting the product strategy and for building international stablecoins (smart-contract based, fiat-backed digital currencies) at Circle, a leading blockchain and web3 company, as well for building and launching some of PayPal’s most visible, strategic Consumer products in over 100 countries. Sumeet created and grew the product launch management function at PayPal and scaled the Consumer business to over $1bn in annual revenue with record levels of consumer engagement and user base growth. Prior to this, he spent time at AT&T as a graduate of their marquee leadership program and launched their Bay Area flagship innovation center as well as ground-breaking messaging & entertainment services. With a background as a leader and operator across the web1-web2-web3 worlds, Sumeet is also an active angel investor & advisor as well a faculty advisor & guest lecturer at well-known academic institutions. He is an inventor with 13 patents, is a sought-after speaker at industry events and a frequent mentor to early-stage startups.