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AI 2025 - Four game-changing AI trends of the intelligent business fabric


Data and Insight platforms are the core of any successful enterprise. Embedded AI is a game-changing business model with the potential to increase more than 3 trillion dollars in business value and over 6 billion hours of worker productivity globally by 2022. VentureBeat recently highlighted the surge in global AI investment from $12.75 million in 2015 to $93.5 billion in 2021, estimated to reach $422.37 billion by 2028. Embedded AI amalgamates AI computer visions, NLP, segmentation, clustering, recommendation and prediction algorithms in products and services.
Four game-changing AI trends are redefining the AI play in the market, the way most successful enterprises augment AI within their business fabric – every product they build, everything they do - changing the way we think and develop our future data and intelligence platform.
A = Accessible
B = unBounded and unBiased
C= Confidential, Compute-friendly and,
ChatGPT revolutionized the promise of decentralized artificial intelligence to the masses. Privacy-preserved multi-party federated learning through confidential computing invites us to a new dawn of contextual recommendations and introduces game-changing business models - financial and insurance products; micro-learning within fintech, ed-tech, and reg-tech; and medical AI products.
Let’s build the next-generation intelligent data platform that realizes business value through a new trajectory and innovates through a disrupting efficiency frontier.
This session will guide you through strategizing your enterprise AI platform that embraces AI in the business fabric and set your course on the value frontier by reimagining how you operate and putting AI at the heart of everything you do.


Soumen is a technologist and digital leader with over two decades of industry experience. Soumen helped numerous global leading enterprises across various sectors enabling Cloud, Data and Cognitive Intelligence. Soumen is a great believer in Data as a Product and believes that Green Technologies and Green AI is our next challenge for all the technology focused industries and technologists. Soumen works for HCL as an Associate Vice President. Soumen is a member of Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and Digital member of World Economic Forum. Soumen is an ex-Forbes Technology Council Member. Soumen is a certified ethical technologist and holds ML certification from AWS, Google and AI engineering from Microsoft Azure. Soumen holds a Master degree in Science, specializing in IT. Soumen sees ContextonomyTM as the next big thing that reimagines a 'Generation Ci' Data Natives where intelligence infuses with Context and AI.