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Building an AI Job search companion: Approach and Learnings


Job Search, when compared to most other online activities, has a vastly higher potential of being life altering and is usually in equal measure a lonely activity. The use of conversational AI allows for the automated job search conversations to be far more engaging, supportive, and personalized compared to traditional interfaces. This session will cover our approach towards building a job search companion, our key learnings, and early insights around Large Language Models.

Who is this presentation for?
Product teams looking to build their own AI Assistants

Prerequisite knowledge:

What you'll learn?
Approach for arriving at product-market fit


Somnath Biswas has been working on enterprise and retail digital products for the past 20+ years, working with Tier 1 consultancies and multiple startups including his own in the enterprise conversational AI space. His products have spanned across Telecommunications, Financial services, Healthcare, Regulatory & Compliance and JobTech domains. For the past 6-7 years he has been building core ML and NLP products for the likes of NatWest, IQVIA, Amazon and most recently with the TotalJobs Group, where he heads the conversational products domain.