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Advancements in AI in the SEC space


Advancements in AI in the SEC space


Senthil M. Kumar is a Technology Executive with over two decades of advanced technology creation under his direction across Global entities. He helped pioneer multiple technological advancements of our time that have won wider acclaim. Be it advancements in A.I, Blockchain, Edge, Cloud computing, Metaverse, IIOT, system autonomy, and Big Data computing, he has his fair share of contributions. He helped formulate solutions for a wide spectrum of industries spanning, Autonomous Vehicles, Fintech, IIOT, Geospatial Engineering, Insurance, Health care, and Medicine. He helped evolve Industry standards and the EU with their A. I standards. He is part of industry think tanks and on the advisory Boards of well-known Academia and Startups. His work has been cited in the wall street journal and other publications of repute. He has been recognized with several commendations including the World Economic Forum recognizing his work as a pioneer in the field of A.I