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ChatGPT 4 – A Generative AI epiphany!


This session will cover in detail the newest release from OpenAI – ChatGPT 4. It will cover the concepts of multimodality in Large Language Models and the vital role this Generative Artificial Intelligence will play in the future, which will usher in a paradigm shift in all industries. It will cover in detail the building blocks and will be an all-encompassing view of ChatGPT 4.



Sachin Panicker is an AI Scientist, a speaker at International Conferences, and a researcher in Web 3.0, Metaverse, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, Quantum Computing and Robotics. He is presently serving as the Vice President of Product Engineering at the Fulcrum Group of Companies and heads all the Technology initiatives of the group. Prior to this, he has held several positions at IBM, Deutsche Telekom and Ernst and Young etc. He is an industry influencer and practitioner and dons several hats, being an adviser to AI start-ups and the Big 3 Consulting firms, and frequently writes on various emerging technologies. He is presently working on his research at the intersection of Generative AI and Web 3.0.