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Data Mesh in Action - the business perspective


Data Mesh quickly became the buzzword and hot topic in the data world. However, the successful implementation of this socio-technological paradigm depends on the close cooperation of business and data teams. This talk will focus on the most business-dependent principles, namely domain ownership and federated governance.

Who is this presentation for?
C-suite and top management.

Prerequisite knowledge:
Business architecture and strategic planning.

What you'll learn?
Firstly, to decide if Data Mesh is a good architecture for your company. Secondly, how to organize data governance to benefit from decentralization on one hand and avoid chaos on the other. Thirdly, why the Data Mesh can't be implemented by the IT department alone?


For the last 15 years has been helping companies increase the resilience of their business by aligning their processes with data. Author of the first peer-review published COVID-19 global spread model (PeerJ, 07.2020) and the first book on the practicalities of data mesh implementation (Manning, 01.2023). Results-driven Data Scientist with a proven track record of using technical knowledge, negotiating skills, and managerial experience to successfully deliver IT, scientific and technological projects covering various areas, from life sciences to robotics. An accomplished consultant who is skilled at developing effective communication channels to drive projects to completion. Capable of translating complex technical concepts relating to business data, statistical thinking, and visualization to wider audiences.