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AI x Metaverse


The Metaverse advanced technology research organization “MATRIX GENESIS LABS (MGL)” imagines how various advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and Web3 will affect the way we live in the Metaverse space in the future. We are a prototyping team that will continue to publish “touchable visions” at high speed by experimentally integrating and implementing these conceptual technologies while they are still at the earliest stage.


Digital Clone Engineer / Entrepreneur / Composer 2000, Invented, developed and patented data compression technology. Designed one of the largest mobile phone search engine services in Japan. 2001, Director of MEDIADU Inc. 2013, CTO of Miraishonen Inc. 2014, President of FIFTYFOUR CREATIVE INC. (Canada). 2016, Executive Vice President of Alt Inc. 2022, Director CTO, Matrix Inc. Development of Digital Clone Technology Development of the world's first digital clone survey system Development of authentication system Development of speech synthesis technology Development of AI interpretation system Development of distributed computing system Numerous patents Director of Kyushu Composers Association