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AI/ ML Consumption Models - How to leverage AI/ ML for your Enterprise Workloads


This talk provides an overview of available methods to consume AI/ML capabilities, the evolution of AI/ML consumption models, and recommendations to select the right consumption model based on the needs and expertise of the enterprise user.


Sriram Subramanian is a Research Director within IDC's Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group (ISPTG), covering three focus areas – Infrastructure for Enterprise Workloads, Operating Systems and Environments, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enterprise Workloads. Mr. Subramanian's coverage on Infrastructure for Enterprise Workloads includes the intersection of modern applications (such as cloud native applications, microservices, AI/ML/DL workloads, and AI - enabled applications) and modern infrastructures (such as service mesh architectures, specialized hardware, and accelerated hardware) and how they impact each other. Mr. Subramanian's coverage on Operating Systems and Environments (OSE) includes the role of OSE in application transformations and market shares/ forecast on spend on OSE. Mr. Subramanian's research on Artificial Intelligence takes a workloads-centric approach - including AI consumption models, AI services, and best practices leveraging AI capabilities to enable business workloads. Mr. Subramanian advises vendors on product strategy, market positioning, and messaging; and buyers on digital transformation best practices based on their workloads and applications. Mr. Subramanian also covers the influence of emerging open-source and commercial open source technologies on application development paradigms.