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3 Steps to Implement AI Architecture for Autonomous Analytics


How many of your business users could answer complex questions like “Which 2 products decline in sales every year in the third week of December in California?”  2 out of 10? 80% would just request an analyst to create a report. This results in a tsunami of reports which are never looked at again. Users don't speak SQL and data doesn't speak English. How do you bridge that gap? It’s time to solve the “last mile” problem of user adoption while reducing mundane data processing tasks for data scientists. Join this session to learn about:  - Teaching machines how to tell data stories to humans - Humanizing UX through interactive audio-visuals instead of more reports - Leveraging machine learning models to automatically surface and deliver business insights Learn from industry experts how the largest energy drink manufacturer, largest beverage manufacturer and the largest student loan company are solving these challenges.
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Enterprise decision makers
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As a creative technology pioneer (10 patents, several publications) and entrepreneur (launched & exited three start-ups: two were acquired, the latest one uses AI to drive STEM ed. revenues), I’ve envisioned how emerging technologies can be applied to creatively solve enterprise, business, and educational problems ahead of the competitors and have helped establish new product lines that preempted markets. Each of my start-ups were inspired by envisioning new market solutions as breakthroughs in a highly competitive technology space in different verticals. SelectQ is an AI-driven ed-tech platform that helps students with quiz questions on the fly, based on their skill level, providing with the right micro-tuned, generative (not just adaptive) content at the right time for them to master each subject. Using AI & NLG, the platform generates questions stream for all SAT topics , with ratcheting complexity until full preparation. All SelectQ’s profits are committed to the cause of helping needy with in-person STEM topics. At Drastin (acquired by Splunk in 2017), I created the "Conversational Analytics" as a new BI market category for enterprise adoption, and the product was recognized as the top five AI platforms by Gartner, getting ranked as a "cool vendor" in search-driven data analytics, within just 30 months. At Cloud360 Hyperplatform (acquired by Cognizant in 2012), I created the “Cloud Management Platforms” as a new market category and built a $29M ARR business by Y-4 with revenue uptick. The product was ranked as a leader in MQ, both by Gartner and by 451 Research. My focus has always been to develop market-leading innovations and breakthroughs, to make a case for them, organize and lead inspired teams, and preempt competition to conquer markets. This mantle required me to not just focus on technology and products, but also on the markets, competition, business growth, team leadership, and optimum resource management.