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Strategies for Human-AI Interaction and Collaboration


Over the long-term, AI-driven products and services are on a trajectory to bring vast change, in ways both good and perhaps not so good. Intelligent interaction is a key marker of what we identify as humanness, and technology is beginning to be capable of mimicking it. For our part as tech builders, how do the interfaces we create need to evolve and guide the AI innovations we are aiming for? Phillip will break down the anatomies of interactive and collaborative AI products and interfaces - outlining the opportunities we have and how to aim for success that includes both people and business.
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Business leaders, product managers, tech managers
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Phillip is a technology product design leader with over 20 years of successful experience. He’s played pivotal roles in consumer voice and multimodal applications at Amazon Alexa, [24]7 AI, Microsoft Cortana, and four start-ups. Phillip also led product design efforts for Amazon Web Services and other enterprise software companies. Phillip is passionate about how tech works for people, and how to understand, influence, and create complex systems.