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Startup Pitch - Hardware development, workstations, software


AI started to impact the way we live and work on a broad basis. But, we are still at the beginning of bringing the advantages to the user. Today's hardware solutions for AI are usually a combination of older architectures running into many performance limitations. A major problem is the ability to adapt to the rapidly advancing AI algorithms and their athematical solutions. HyperionCore eliminates the CPU plus accellerator limitations and brings high performant AI solutions to the user allowing IP protection and management.
Who is this presentation for?
Investors, Edge solution providers
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic understanding of processor technology and AI.
What you'll learn?
The next generation of AI processing solutions goes beyond the CPU plus accelerator combination allowing end user to broaden their use of AI throughout their personal and professional life.


Senior high tech executive who participated and drove the first and second wave of processor evolution. Early adopter of 'mobile' strategy both from a processor and power management point of view. Co-founder of Netro, a 'last mile' intelligent wireless broadband supplier. Angel investor, Board of Directors member and senior entrepreneur in the high tech industry.