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Hard things about Sales - and how A/B testing can help


Sales is an extraordinarily difficult job. It requires a level of mental toughness that many cannot even fathom. Because it such a challenging role, salespeople deserve the best resources to help them succeed. Yet, the centerpiece of a sales toolkit - the playbook - is often outdated and ineffective, based on anecdotes and myths from one person’s experience.
This talk will describe how A/B testing can help transform sales from an art into a science. We will share experiments that proved conventional sales wisdom wrong, describe where and how to apply A/B testing to improve the sales playbook, and discuss the future of sales process optimization we are building at Outreach - an automated optimization process based on A/B testing and causal inference.


Pavel Dmitriev is a Vice President of Data Science at Outreach, where he works on enabling data driven decision making in sales through experimentation and machine learning. He was previously a Principal Data Scientist with Microsoft's Analysis and Experimentation team, where he worked on scaling experimentation in Bing, Skype, and Windows OS. Pavel co-authored numerous papers at top-tier data mining and machine learning conferences, such as WWW, ICSE, KDD, has given keynotes and tutorials at WWW, SIGIR, SEAA, and KDD.