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How to build a career in the field of AI when you are not a data scientist.


Implementing AI requires a team of various skills. While data scientists are spoken of frequently, strategists play a significant role. Learn more about how non-data scientists contribute to and drive digital transformation and innovation.

Who is this presentation for?
Mid-level and new Project Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, and Business Strategists.
What you'll learn?
How a "non-technical role" can influence, benefit, and drive AI strategies.



Michelle Pruitt is instrumental in guiding Fortune 500 and SMBs to accelerate their digital transformation and modernize their business, while bringing Cloud and AI (Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics) to the forefront. As Senior Director of SAP's, Customer Value and Success Team, Pruitt's passion for technology and customer advocacy has ignited workplaces to increase productivity and profitability while building a success story that fosters innovation and a competitive edge. Her accomplishments as a trained mediator, certified life coach and storyteller has fostered broad innovation with top leaders, helping them tap into their unrealized potential and impact by connecting technology, people and situational environments.