Speaker "Meredith Sossman" Details Back



Introducing Suquino's Saffron an AI/ML embedded telehealth platform that is ubiquitous and diagnostic care capable.


Suquino, Inc. is transforming telehealth with Saffron, its uniquely ubiquitous, Machine Learning/AI platform that early integrates with third-party medical devices and software, enabling holistic, remote care in real-time within a connected care ecosystem.


Meredith Sossman has more than 20 years of experience in FDA regulatory consulting for early- stage medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and international legal experience in health-related risk management.  She holds a telehealth facilitator certification from Thomas Jefferson University Medical in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has spoken on digital health at regional and global conferences, and is certified by the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation as a lead investigator for the future of AI integration into healthcare.  Meredith’s experience in modeling data to create outcomes in mission and revenue is sought after by non-profit and for-profit corporations, and her approach has been described as authentic, results driven, and touched with humility and kindness.