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AI Startup Pitch.
Real Time Business Compliance on Auto Pilot


AI Startup Pitch


Seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur with successful exits. One of my favorite quotes is "Failure is Not an Option" [Apollo 13] I am a serial entrepreneur with track record of identifying new opportunities and building profitable businesses with successful exits. I am passionate and driven to solve problems through crisp business analysis and using the latest technology for simplification & streamlined automation. My 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience spans businesses from technologies that include: chips, data center systems and SaaS to retail franchising. I have implemented and launched cloud based (SaaS) products and certified in Managing cybersecurity risk in the information age. I am knowledgeable about Fintech regulations having worked on products in one of the prior ventures. I have worked closely with top executives to successfully identify and develop new market segments for growth and profitability. I have performed and presented financial analysis as well as M&A strategy for organic and inorganic growth. My skillset includes : Negotiation, new market identification for growth and profitability, new opportunity feasibility analysis, marketing strategy, financial analysis, business plan development and execution, mergers & acquisitions, product line management & Business Development.