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Abusing your CI/CD: running abstract Machine Learning frameworks inside GitHub Actions


We all love the conventional uses of CI/CD platforms, from automating unit tests to multi-cloud service deployment. But most CI/CD tools are abstract code execution engines, meaning that we can also leverage them to do non-deployment-related tasks. In this session, we'll explore how GitHub Actions can be used to train a machine learning model, then run predictions in response to file commits, enabling an untrained end-user to predict the value of their home by simply editing a text file. As a bonus, we'll leverage Apple's CoreML framework, which normally only runs in an OSX or iOS environment, without ever requiring the developer to lay their hands on an Apple device.
Who is this presentation for?
General developers, DevOps, and datascientists
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic knowledge of what CI/CD and ML are. No specific tools, frameworks, or math required. Novice-level Python helpful but not required.
What you'll learn?
Attendees will gain a broader view of how CI/CD tools can be utilized for general computation or niche tasks, plus specific familiarity with Apple CoreML and GH Actions.


A full-stack developer with two decades of industry experience, Jon Peck constantly strives to make technical concepts digestible -- demonstrating the value of new technology at every level, from developers through execs. Former speaker at DeveloperWeek, OSCON, AI Next, O'Reilly AI, ODSC, API World. Former developer/advocate at Mass General Hospital, Cornell University, Algorithmia. Current technical advocate at GitHub.