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Beyond Data Science: Strategic Change Management Considerations


Why do so many companies struggle to incubate and activate an effective big data and advanced analytics organization? Much of the time, failure to capture value is due to inadequate change management strategies resulting from (1) improper project lifecycle, (2) lack of iterative improvement / test and learn, and (3) inability of business and technical leaders to work in lockstep. I discuss these strategic considerations and more, tying various outcomes to case studies I have observed in industry.
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Jack is a marketing, data and technology executive obsessed with using data and analytics to drive growth. He has engineered and led large teams to build statistical & machine learning models at some of the best companies in the world. He’s created predictive modeling and trade automation for multi-million dollar derivatives portfolios, terabyte-scale recommender systems for Amazon's product pages, personalized marketing for an iconic American beverage brand, and multi-channel ad attribution using raw device data. Prior to EF, Jack was the head of AI R&D and Platform for Expedia Group and a Project Leader for the Boston Consulting Group.