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Designing Better Voice User Interfaces


How do you mock up a conversation? When you design an app, you mock up the different screens in your user interface (UI). How do you represent your UI when mocking up a voice-first experience? How do you architect that voice-first experience first place? Join Amazon Alexa developer educator Greg Bulmash for a look at how to think about and represent voice-first experiences as you design and build your VUIs (Voice User Interfaces).
Who is this presentation for?
Software Developers, UI developers, UX developers
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
How to design VUIs (Voice User Interfaces) that provide a great customer experience.


Greg Bulmash is a Technical Evangelist with Amazon Alexa Skills Kit. With over 24 years of building web sites and creating online content, he's been Senior Editor at The Internet Movie Database, written developer documentation for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Amazon SageMaker, contracted as an SDE, evangelized APIs for Avalara and Amazon, and founded Seattle CoderDojo (a volunteer group teaching Seattle kids to program). He's spoken at AWS re:Invent, OSCON, CascadiaJS, DevNexus, Developer Week, PhoneGap Day, CodeMotion, and more about web development, programming, tech-focused bedtime stories, and teaching kids how to code.