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Opportunities for Blockchain and AI in the era of Climate Change


In the era of Climate Change and its far reaching effects on society and human life in general, it is critical to understand the opportunities for technology to play a major role in its mitigation. However, having the right analysis of data will create a suitable platform for one to leverage some of the biggest trends in technology such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. This presentation will focus on the opportunities for Environmental Sustainability advancement with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence


A constantly evolving personality with over 10 years experience as a Technology Practice Executive, Sales Leader and Technology Strategist with diverse background covering operations, IT Strategy & Consulting, Transformational/Complex Projects, Business Case Modelling, Governance Frameworks, IT Outsourcing Deals, Blockchain, AI, People & Vendor Management. Excellent Collaborator with a strong drive for results with a knack for complex and high-impact programmes.