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Supporting AI and Big Data with third-generation blockchain technology


AI and Big Data are revolutionary technologies that are greatly improved through the transparency, trustlessness, and immutability of blockchain. Third-generation blockchains offer the speed and capacity needed to maximize this synergy.
Who is this presentation for?
AI and Big Data technologists who wish to better understand how to leverage blockchain technology.
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
New insights into the capacity and capabilities of the most modern, third-generation blockchains. Opportunities and critical points for integration.


Douglas Horn leads the GoodBlock blockchain development team with experience building projects on Ethereum and related chains such as VeChain, as well as EOSIO-based blockchains such as EOS and Telos. He was a member of the EOS Mainnet Launch Group and the architect and project leader of the Telos blockchain. GoodBlock designed and implemented over a dozen innovative new features for platform-level EOSIO code and have created numerous innovations at the application-level. GoodBlock also has expertise in deploying private blockchain implementations and is leading the creation of public/private blockchains that derive public decentralization from Telos. GoodBlock is leveraging its portfolio of blockchain technologies in the areas of supply chain management and traceability, IoT device integration, eGovernance, building and resource management, document management, and tokenized asset creation and marketplaces to develop market-facing applications. Douglas Horn has particular expertise in the area of blockchain governance as the lead designer of the Telos governance system—one of the most advanced and functional blockchain governance systems in existence—and leader of the GoodBlock team that designed and implemented the dBusiness creation system that is integrated into Telos at the platform level—constituting the world’s most advanced and easy-to-use system for creating DACs, DAOs, and other decentralized organizations. LinkedIn: Github: