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Keynote Panel: AI in Quantum Computing

How the coming quantum revolution will transform AI and machine learning


In the next decade, quantum information science (QIS) is poised to to reinvent AI and machine learning (QIS). This technological "perfect storm" will transform businesses including energy storage, chemical engineering, drug discovery, financial portfolio optimization, materials science, communications, and more.
Who is this presentation for?
Business executives, product development teams, strategy consultants
Prerequisite knowledge:
A basic understanding of the quantum space as well as fundamental applications of AI and machine learning.
What you'll learn?
How to combine the emerging field of quantum information science with AI and machine learning to drive innovative business models that generate attributable revenue.


Christopher Bishop is a workplace futurist, TEDx speaker, LinkedIn Learning instructor and former IBMer. He writes and speaks on emerging technologies including AI, quantum, cryptoassets, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality and robotics.